1st Grade Lesson Plan

Butterfield Canyon Technology Curriculum:
– Vocabulary: Icon, Search Engine, Website, Toolbar
– Identify and Open 4 Internet Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Kiddle
– Internet Safety: What to do when you see something inappropriate
– Command Q to quit a program
– Add spaces and punctuation to a sentence
1. Click on Dance Mat Typing – put on headphones – sit up straight in your chair and keep your feet quietly in front of you – put all fingers on home row key and both thumbs on the spacebar – listen to and follow directions
Image result for dance mat typing level 2
2. Click on Reflex Math – click on log in – put on headphones – start solving some math problems
Image result for reflex math
3. Click on Code.org – put on headphones – login if you have your password (click on the link below your teacher’s name to login) – watch videos for instruction and start coding – have fun!
Image result for Code.org
4. Click on ABCYA – put on headphones – click on Grade 1 and choose an activity
Image result for abcya homepage
Click on Netsmarzkids.org – click on video – choose a video – after the video click on New e-book – choose an e-book – after you’ve read an e-book click on games – choose a game – after the activities discuss what you have learned from the videos, games and e-books
Image result for netsmartzkids logo
Click on Starfall – put on headphones – choose an activity
Image result for starfall homepage
Click on The Leader in Me Student Schoolyard. Choose an activity