5th Grade Lesson Plan

Butterfield Canyon Technology Curriculum:
– Cyber bullying/social media safety
– Open and Use Google Documents
– Be able to research safely on Search Engines
1. Click on the SAGE Browser – uncheck the boxes in front of Guest User and Guest Session – put in your login information – take a Language Arts training test
Image result for SAGE Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence
2. Click on Typing.com – click on typing.com on the top blue line – click on Typing lessons (yellow button) – click on J, F, and Space – read instructions and click on continue (yellow button)
Image result for Typing.com
3. Click on Reflex Math – click on log in – put on headphones – start solving some math problems
Image result for reflex math

4. Click on Utah Compose – log in – click on your topic – read prompt – start writing

Image result for utah compose
5. Click on Code.org – put on headphones – login if you have your password (click on the link below your teacher’s name to login) – watch videos for instruction and start coding – have fun!
Image result for Code.org
Click on NSteens.org – – click on video – choose a video – after the video click on games/comics – choose a game/comic – after the activities discuss what you have learned from the videos, games/comics.
Image result for nsteens logo
Click on The Leader in Me Student Schoolyard – choose an activity